My pages field only has the ability to add a new item instead of selecting an existing one

Hello, I have an About Us blueprint which contains a field of pages ‘team-member’ which corresponds to the team members of the company. I would like to define these team-member models elsewhere as in an unlisted page however my About Us field for team members only allows me to add an new draft with the template of ‘team-member’ instead of allowing me to select an existing item of that model. How do make this field accept a selection of a page instead of always asking to generate one? Below is my blueprints

Hey @Alfredo_Gonzalez, welcome to the forum.

The problem is that team and partners are sections, not fields. To be fields, they would have to be inside the about fields section, i.e. indented on the same level as content.

It is better if you post code as code blocks rather then screenshots, then it’s easier for people who want to help to copy code and correct it instead of retyping everything. Thank you!

oh I see. Thank you. I wasn’t aware that items outside a fields section would behave differently… In that case, if I want to create reusable models I would want to define their own page blueprint?

What exactly do you mean? You can create single fields for reuse, or groups of fields etc. You can find more about this in the docs:

Nevertheless, it is important to understand the difference between files and pages sections and fields.