My markdown txt file caused a 500 (internal server error)

hi, I spent most of last night - till around 4am - trying to find the cause of:

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error)

I finally tracked it down to the txt markdown file where I had the following line:

itemtitle: Healing With Reiki When Doctors Could Not Cure: Vered's Story

It was the 2nd colon - “Not Cure:” - that was causing the server error

So my question is which characters are reserved for markdown and how do I qualify these characters if I want to use them in text?


Where did that happen, in a structure field?

Yes, I believe it is a structure field

It’s not really a markdown issue, but yaml related. You can avoid this if you use a HTML entity representation of the colon.

ok, so are we just talking about colons or other yaml special characters?

The colons are a problem in the yaml context; but they are only a problem in structure fields, not normal fields.

Markdown itself has some characters that need to be escaped, you can find a list of backslash escapes here:

You also have to replace parenthesis within Kirbytags with HTML entities. Escaping is not possible in this context.

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Ok Thanks Sonja, Just to be clear, are the txt files considered yaml files, I’m trying to work without blueprints, so does all this apply to the txt files?

As I said above, the colons are a problem in structure fields.

The rest applies to markdown and Kirbytext in content files in general, for characters used in Markdown and Kirbytext to style content.

I had issues with those as well, and I found that using following in structures work:

key: value
anotherkey: |
  This is now escaped due to the pipe and you should be able to use colons : in here...