Multiselect field

Yes, that may be. You should always use the latest beta anyway, because that’s the latest state that will become the final version eventually. Testing with it helps us to find additional bugs if you report them.

You can use a workaround by querying an JSON API where you store the site users:

Looks like a core field. The closest core alternative would probably be checkboxes.

The search would be helpful even with a standard select, for when the list gets a bit long.

First off, this is a great plugin, one of my favourites! :thumbsup:

Would it be possible to manually order the output of your selection from within the plugin or am I dreaming?

Thanks for great plugin!
What if I want change order of selected items?

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Currently no support for manually changing the order. It always follows the order as setup in the blueprint.

Thanks for fast reply :clap:

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I want to use it as classic select, because I have long options list and I need search functionality.
Is it possible restrict number of selected items?

Thanks a lot!

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Not yet, but I added it as a feature request for version 3 (which will be the rewrite for Kirby v3):


Really a great and elegant custom select field, thank you.

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Hmm… under Kirby2.5.5 i just got this with your demo blueprint:

The field class is missing for: field-multiselectfield at
      if(!class_exists($classname)) {
        throw new Exception('The field class is missing for: ' . $classname);


WHOOOPS… my fault: i’ve copied it to “fields” and not to “plugins”. works now.
Thx for the plugin! :slight_smile:

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