Multiselect Field: Search Box Bug


for a current project I’m using the Multiselect field inside a block.
Options are fetched from a JSON page like this:

    label: Ansprechpartner
    type: multiselect
      type: api
      url: "{{ site.url }}/sprachschule/team.json"
      query: team
      text: "{{ item.title }}"
      value: "{{ item.title }}"

When something is typed into the search box this happens:

Bildschirmfoto 2023-01-11 um 10.54.32

Since there are a lot of options it would be nice to be able to use the search box.
Any ideas whats happening?

Thanks a lot!

This should be fixed in 3.8.4

Which version are you running?

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Just checked and was running 3.8.3.
Sorry I missed that and thanks for the quick reply!