Multiple unique blogs per site?


I am using the default Starterkit that comes with Kirby 2.4.0 and I want to duplicate the Blog section. I want to change the default blog template so that it’s issue-based. I want to have multiple issues per site, similar to how an online magazine works.

The structure would be like this:

Site > Issue (currently the default blog template/blueprint) > Articles/Events/Links (these would be 3 different templates/blueprints to choose from)

When I try to add a new page directly from the main dashboard (http://localhost/site/panel/) there is no way to select the blog template or any other template. Kirby only displays the default page template and the field is locked down.

How can I change this? :confused:

In /blueprints/site.yml change

pages: default

to either

pages: true

(allows all templates)

or something like this

    - template1
    - template2