Multiple sites in localhost (beginner question)

Maybe this is totally obvious… but just need to have this by example.

I think I have finally got the idea of Kirby. Plan to implement on local PC for a few small projects. But as the projects are not related, what is the best strategy to keep multiple Kirby sites on same server ? I will be using a WAMP server.

Assuming I would have
http://localhost/kirbyA to project A
http://localhost/kirbyB to project B

The obvious solution to me would be to simply make two subdirs and copy complete Kirby installation into each. But is there a simpler way, so I can re-use configuration etc.

The two project may have completely different templates and styling.

I did read example on setup, but as I don’t have a different domain name on each project, it’s not obvious to me.

Sorry for asking such basic question :slightly_smiling:

If the projects are not related, use a complete installation in each folder. A multi-site setup does not make sense in this case.

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