Multiple logins for single user account

I am at the testing phase of a project that makes use of Kirby’s users functionality quite a lot - it is an online course for schools, where users have front end access to log in and complete modules, which are then logged in their profile. All working great.

The client has asked if it is possible to have multiple email addresses / passwords associated with each account, so more than one teacher can be working on it at any one time. Is this possible? Alternatively, are there any issues with having more than one person logged in to the user account using the same credentials? As that would be another option.

Each Kirby user account is associated with a single email address and password. I see two options for your use case:

  • Either all users log in with the same email address/password as you suggested. This should work fine for frontend login, only for the Panel we don’t recommend it. Of course your custom frontend logic needs to be able to handle this, but from Kirby’s side there’s nothing that speaks against it.
  • Alternatively you can set up a custom “profile” data structure that is stored as pages. Basically for each user registration you would create a page with a unique ID and store that ID in the user’s content data. Then the first user (or an admin) could create additional users that are also connected to the same profile. This allows different Kirby users to access and update the same profile information of the school.

Thank you for this detailed reply - I am going to go with the first option as this seems the most straightforward, and I think the frontend logic I have in place should be able to deal with it