Multiple roles per user: reloaded

I still would like to see the possiblity to add more than 1 role to a user in kirby.

There has been an intensive discussion in 2015
(Multiple user roles), obviously ending without a result.

And then there is this post (Can a Kirby user have different roles simultaneously? ), quoting a recipe, that up to today states, a user can have more than 1 role.

Can someone please help me?

  • is it already possible to add more than 1 role per user?
  • did i miss the concerning explanations in the docs?
  • if not: is the kirby-team still working on that option?

Thank you

No, multiple roles per user are not possible

I don’t think there is even a feature request, you can add one at

Thank you for the quick response.
I think about adding a feature request.

edit: Here is the link to the feature request: