Multiple ‘Files’ sections

I have a website where each ‘project’ page has a variety of different file types that need to be represented in different ways on the front-end. There’ll be pdfs, svgs, images, fonts all of which would benefit from being organised in a particular way.

Is there a way to have a complete duplicate ‘Files’ section in the left nav that could be labeled differently? Eg. Left menu could have ‘Files’, ‘Fonts’ or ‘PDFs’ where one can add relevant files and restrict what can and cant go into each ‘files’ section?

Alternatively I can do a certain amount of what I’m after with files fields that I can add but is it possible in any way to have file-type-specific fields, eg pdfs get a caption field, images get a caption and slider checkbox (for assigning particular images to a slider), etc.

Any and all thoughts or suggestions appreciated.

Then realising a picture tells a thousand words, so…

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The easiest way to do that would probably my using subpages for the different file types. That way, each category could have their own blueprint with their own fields. Downside: you loose the possibility to drag and drop files into fields.