Different behaviour of files-fields in sections and page presets

A question regarding the usage of files-fields in sections vs. preset:page

When I use sections to structure my blueprint I am missing the functionality to upload page specific files.
Of course, I can create a files-field — but only once. If I use it a second time, I am being shown the same files from the first files-field, no matter my blueprint settings in the second field (e.g. multiple, min, max…). In other words: I cannot assign different files to multiple files-fields.

preset: page
When I create a blueprint with preset: page I have the functionality to upload page specific files by default. I can then assign individual files to as many files-fields as I want in my blueprint.

Any chance to solve this inconsistency. Or am I missing something in the documentation? Basically I am looking for something like the good old image field from K2 for sections.

Thanks, Matt

There is a difference between files sections and files fields that is important to understand.

First of all, you can create files sections, even multiple ones, to upload files. If you assign different file templates to these files sections, you can later filter by these templates.

Then there are files fields, they allow you to select files that have already been uploaded via a files section––either to the same page or to another page. Then you can use the query option of this files field to filter the images that are available as selectable options, e.g. query: page.files.template('sometemplate').

Hope this helps.

Definitely helps and solved my question! Many thanks @texnixe

I was missing the fields definition on top of my files fields when working with sections. Now everything works like a charm :slight_smile: