Multi-language site.yml issue

Hi, I have one strange issue.

Multi-language is set to true, there is default language set right, and several more for testing.

But, site.[languagecode].txt is not loaded for the selected language, always is loaded as site.en.txt whatever language is selected in the panel.

When I look at the individual site.[languagecode].txt, I see the changes are being written, but they don’t load. Page translations work as expected.

Did you have similar issues?

Do you happen to have a text file in the folder that doesn’t belong there, like a site.txt without the language code?

Thank you for the fast response.

No. I now even deleted all content and started from scratch but the issue remains.

This is what I already tried:

  • Deleting all content from site.yml. Thought maybe something there influences.
  • Deleting controllers, thought maybe them can
  • Checked config several times, there is not much in it

Can’t logicaly comprehend what can influence.

Have you tried with a fresh Starterkit, just adding new languages? I’ll try myself when I get to it.

Yes, Starterkit is working.

But it doesn’t help me a lot. When comparing files everything seems right.
Although, I will try now to add bit by bit to Plainkit to see when the problem arises.

How did you create the files? Via the Panel or manually? Sure all files are readable?

I think I found what it is.

Deleted Sitemapper plugin and it started working as it should.
Just to test farther a bit, and will be sure.

Thats right, Sitemapper plugin caused this issue.

I will not close this yet, and mark it as solution, because I will try to make it work.
Realy like that plugin. :worried:

There is a actually a fix, but it seems that the plugin author is not active.

It’s generally always a good idea to check if you can reproduce such issues on a fresh Starterkit, particularly if you use plugins.

Hm, considering that the issue was opened three month ago, that’s weird.

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You are right.

Good thing is that just removing this line

Or leaving just

 'title' => ' Sitemap',

Resolves the issue.

Thank you very much, you definitely moved me in the right direction.

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I use this plugin a lot and tried to come up with a fix but there seems to be an issue, I have opened a ticket.

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