Moving Kirby Installation

I’m looking for an instruction for moving a kirby site to another folder on a webserver. I’d like to shift it from a subfolder to webservers root. just moving the folder results in a white empty page.

thanx for support. christian

If you want to move it to the webroot of your webspace, you have to move all files and folders in your kirby project to this location, including the .htaccess file if you have an Apache webserver.

this is what i tried to do,
i copied the whole folder content to the webroot including the .htaccess file.
but the result was a blank page. no errors.

the website should look like this.

when I tried to start the panel I got this error:

i also checked the folder permissions. all set to 755.
do you have any ideas, where I can look for the problem.


There might be some mess with your setup. Your index.php might print some output where it should not. Furthermore there is still a redirection to the cms subfolder. Try to sort things out.

If you are still lost, post your webserver/vhost configuration, the directory structure beneath the documentroot and your index.php and index_kirby.php resp.

I deleted all file and uploaded it again. now everything works fine. thank you for support.