Move the Save Button

That’s good news :grinning:

Finally, I found the time to add @texnixe addition to the gist. Thanks for the suggestion!

Apparently Cmd+Enter only works in Mac if you are inside a text field…

This threat is quite old/outdated … for the latests Kirby version you can use

cmd + s

on a Mac to save the current page in the panel.

I found this thread and I see that it’s very old. However, the SAVE button is still a bit hidden. Perhaps there’s a way to make it even more obvious that changes need to be saved in the Panel?

Hi, new to Kirby and it took me a while to realize it was all the way at the bottom. For me personally it would make more sense to have it on top, for instance in the sidebar. But there’s some pretty smart people working on this so I’m guessing there’s a reason for it not to be there :slight_smile:

I would say making the bottom bar background color a faded color and making the “Save” button within the bar a more obvious hot color for noticeability. That would improve the situation.

Doesn’t have to be red, but you can’t miss this: