"save" button mandatory in panel?

As far as I learned, it is mandatory for a page to have the “save” button at the bottom of a page in panel.

This makes perfect sense, since Kirby is about content and creating posts.

But: If I wanted to create sort of a panel page, just to control stuff, or extend panel functions… how would I get rid of the “save” button?

What I have in mind is to make settings of a Kirby-integrated app controllable via panel.
(The newsletter thingy, I wrote about earlier. ;))

A widget might not have enough space to host all the controls, and could add too much clutter to the panel main page.

…ok. After some time of researching, I believe it’s not possible.
Back to templates and blueprints and stuff…

What about making a page look like the panel?
There’s a lot of stuff in panel source code that I do not even understand. :wink:

At this point in time it is not possible to extend the panel in any simple way – you would need to modify the panel core files and so.

But I know that he Kart project (e-commerce framework for Kirby) are planning to do that as well, tho they also have not tackled the problem yet: https://github.com/getkart/kart

So maybe this will get solved sooner or later e.g. through hooks for the panel. But until then, no easy way.

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thanks for clarifying! :smiley:

So I go for a re-route for the time being.