More specific content validation errors for Blocks field


i am wondering if it is possible to generate more specific content validation errors for blocks fields. Here is my example:

  -> block-1
  -> block-2    <--- content validation failed due to empty required field

Error Message on when trying to change page status is : Page couldn’t be published to due error in field blocks-field. What I’d like to achieve is a message like […] due an error in blocks-field / block-2.

How could i achieve that?

Thanks in advance,

Thomas E.-E.

But that’s already the case?

thanks for your quick reply … i am on 3.6.2 … since when should kirby provide such messages?

I checked with, so between yours and mine…

Hm, looking at the code, that information has always been there…

What is the exact string shown in your version?


where “Beitragsinhalt” is a blocks field which contains an image block which in turn contains a required (and empty) field.

(i’ve upgraded to by the way)

And this is what you still get with

unfortunately, yes (also with 3.6.4) … which code is responsible to add the error? Could you point me to the right entry point, please?

BlocksField.php. line 266ff. in validations() method.

Could you post your blueprint?

it seems the content is there:

but the dialog simply doesn’t show it


after removing the margin top


the error details are shown as intended


That looks like a plugin is overriding the default Panel styles. index.css is the combined plugins stylesheet.

the kirby-builder which we still use for backward compatibility has overridden the style … thanks @texnixe !