Required field on block blueprint (image) not shows as invalid


i am using kirby 3.6.2. The empty required text field is not marked as invalid, see

However when changing the pages’ state the expected error is shown:


Any hints on how i could debug/fix this? Any special CSS i could set?

Thanks in advance,

Thomas E.-E.

Kirby doesn’t validate content (required fields and other validators) while in draft state.

Thanks for your quick answer @texnixe. Sorry if i might have used the wrong term. What i meant is the red-ish border around an empty (text) field which works on the page blueprint:


but does not work on the block blueprint (on drawer):

But it doesn’t seem to be related with 3.6.2 as the above screenshet has been taken from my 3.5.7 installation.

Yes, I can reproduce this issues… Some field types show a red border like in your screenshot, e.g. a files field or a select field, most don’t. Could you create an issue on GitHub, please?

done: Required fields on blocks blueprint without red border (visual highlight) · Issue #4171 · getkirby/kirby · GitHub