I cannot display to the content of fields built with kirby builder


I’m working on a page with modular text fields, I’m using kirby builder plugin.
I succeeded to built the fields and manage them on my back offfice.

Here is a capture of the file architecture and codes that i used to do that :

I add four fields and it’s creating the content cv.txt corresponding what I’ve add in my back office :

I’ve difficulty to display the content of my fields on my page. It’s displaying the good number of section corresponding numbers of fields I have add in my back office but not the content…

thank’s a lot

Good luck to every one for the confinement

The name of your block snippet is not correct. Should be the name of the fieldset, not a single field, so in this case basiccontent not text.

Oh god it was so simple, it’s seem logical now.

Thanks !