Mobile panel strange dashboard menu

The menu in the mobile view is showing dashboard item twice, for no reason in this case.

Keep it in one of the menus, not both.

One of these is a breadcrumb, not really a “menu.”

From this perspective, it’s actually a really smart decision— showing the hierarchy of views within the panel, with the dashboard always at the root level. I’m not bothered by its presence in both places.

Say you were viewing the dashboard, as you are here: Would it disappear from the Panel Menu, or would the breadcrumb be hidden? In either case, we reduce the clarity of the Panel’s organization.

If this is particularly frustrating to you, you could always add a Panel stylesheet to hide it in one menu or another.

I agree with @AugustMiller. Consistent breadcrumbs are important for UX, even if it means duplicating some content.