Strange subpages issue

Hi, in my Zero One theme I have a navbar that is an extended Nested menu Menus | Kirby CMS.

And it works great.
But I have an issue with one user, that did some copy-pasting of some pages, but copy-pasted the inner content of text files, which created a strange problem with subpages.

In his install whenever a user is on some of the main listed pages, the order of subpages in the menu changes from manual sorting to file name descending, but only for that specific page. It happens for every page that has subpages.

I tried to reproduce that with a fresh Zero One install, but couldn’t, everything works as expected. But, if I change the content folder with the content folder from his install, the same issue arises.

  1. Checked out folders, everything is in perfect order
  2. It is multi-language, checked that out too, and everything is fine
  3. Checked are there some hidden files, but no

How could content influence the order of pages, when using the default manual order?

Can I get a copy of the installation with the issue so that I can have a look? This kind of issues are always fascinating for me to solve.

Hi @manuelmoreale, thank you very much, I would, gladly, but the user didn’t give me the approval. It is a very big website for a pretty “big shot” company and he is very reluctant to share it around.

Whenever I find free time I am testing it, and maybe I am onto something. Because one menu item doesn’t have the problem. Also, the user told me he had some errors with images, so that’s one more thing to look into.

If I debug the issue I will share the solution here.