Webpages listed in pulldown menu are not visible in sidemenue

Hi all, this is my first post in the forum.

Webpages I have build are listed in pulldown menues on top of my webpage.
Subpages as well.

Why are only subpages listed in sidemenu on small screens. Main webpages not?

Thanks for help.
Stefan Janssen

Looks like you’re using a theme — Zero One?
Kirby is very flexible and does not really care what you do in the frontend. Only the (theme) developer can answer your question.

Having said that I looked at your mobile menu and both levels of pages seem to be accessible by clicking on the small arrow.

EDIT: I think I understand what you mean now. You can not open the menu items in the first level directly, it only toggles the submenu.

Thanks for your fast response.
Theme is a valid fact.
I will check if Zero One has a newer version which will fix that problem.