Missing images and fields in panel


I have a strange problem, where on some of pages all fields are missing, the front end shows the correct content, but the backend has different files attached and no fields. There is nothing flagged in debug, any ideas what might cause this?

Is there anything common about the pages this happens with? Same blueprint for example?

yes, all same blueprint, but some are ok. How does kirby associate the page to the content folder ? it looks to me like the page is not picking the correct folder.

Are there any stray text files in those folders maybe?

The missing fields sound like the Panel picks the wrong blueprint but that doesn’t really explain the wrong files…:thinking:

Do you happen to have the same page folders in your file systems, i.e. once with prepended number and once without for some reason?

Log out and in again :slight_smile: Maybe its temporary session weirdness.

We are assuming you are working locally on a local dev server. Is that the case or is this on a live public web server?

If its local, do you have anything that might interfere with the files? Antivirus… automated backups… anything that might touch the files at the same time as kirby? I’m guessing that might upset it, but I’ve never experienced it myself.

This is on a live staging server the client is using, I think i must have messed up moving from dev to live. There are extra folders in the content folder, i guess where the client has added content and then i have upload old content.

yes! this is exactly what i have!

Then your problem should be solved once you sort that out, I think! :slightly_smiling_face:

Consider using rSync to pull and push from the server, in combination with source control. That way this wont happen again :slight_smile:

I made a bash script for this, which can be run easily from NPM scripts. See this post and this post. It will even simulate process so you can see what will change without actually doing it. Be aware that rSync will over write files. It’s best used in conjunction with source control so can roll back if you need too.

Alternatively, consider Kirby Autogit plugin, which will push content from live server to a repo.

hmm… this has not solved it. I reset the site with my localhost copy and he can break the page every time he drags files to the upload sidebar. It works fine for me.

What exactly happens when the user uploads files?

everything right of panel sidebar disappears, image upload fine into the content folder, .txt looks good.

Any Javascript errors in the console? Anything extraordinary in the network tab?

You mean, it only happens when the user uploads images, but not if you yourself upload images to the same installation?

If that is the case, it might have to do with the users browser, maybe extensions interfering?

no error anywhere - whats really odd is it did not happen to me, until i used the exact same image as him.

Hm, the only thing that comes close is this issue: Invalid JPEG Marker causes Panel to crash

But there we have at least a PHP error…

Would you mind to test if the error persists with Kirby 2.5.9 RC-1 (the version with the new SimpleImage class)?

same problem with 2.5.9 RC1 - does sound like the invalid JPEG marker thread.

Was worth a try, maybe send the image to @lukasbestle for debugging (re. this issue in the Panel: https://github.com/getkirby/panel/issues/1122). Does this happen with this single image only or with multiple images?

It’s a few images

Many thanks for the help, I will get on that issue.