Blank fields after refresh in backend

I have a problem in the backend with blank fields.

I made a blueprint for my homepage.
The first time I save the content everything is ok : I have a content txt file populated with my datas.

If I refresh the panel edition page, every fields become blank. No more content displayed in the form.
If I populate fields again and save my work, the content text file is no more populated (but it keeps datas entered first time)…

Any idea to solve this problem ?

Have you checked if you have any text files in the page folder that don’t belong to either the page or a file?

Yes but I don’t see anyting not related to content… Maybe something the blueprint “home”… don’t know.

Could you please post a screenshot of the folder contents and also your home.yml blueprint as code (and any other files if you include something).

Please also indicate your Kirby and PHP version and your environment (server type, local, remote…)

It works now !
I have used the ‘-’ in field name instead of an ‘_’.
Or maybe I have used an already defined field name.