Minor problem with Solid theme

I have set up my homepage with the Frisk theme and I am actually quite content with it. It didn’t take long to figure out what to do.

But now I have bought a somewhat more versatile theme, namely Solid. The first problem was that actually you don’t simply pull a new “skin” to kirby and … swoop! … it looks different. Kirby has to be set up completely from the ground up. Now that isn’t much of a problem, it’s just a question of sitting down some hours and do it.

Now in this beautiful theme, when I go to the page named “about” and start editing the kirbytext, then I get all the expected features - headers, lists, tables etc.

But on the home page (“HOME”) - when I edit it, I find " Header", “Services”, “Portfolio”, “About” and “Testimonial & Clients”. If I try to edit “About” then the kirbytext is not rendered properly. I don’t get headers, lists etc. Perhaps there is something wrong with the source code of this page?


As far as I can see from the outside, the homepage only pulls in content from the other pages (i.e. from about, blog etc), so I wonder what there is to edit on the home page. Unfortunately, though, without having access to the code, I can’t really tell what is happening there.