Questions about the Frisk theme

I’m having some issues with the Frisk theme that I’m trying to solve. I’m pretty new to Kirby, and I’m not a super experienced web developer so please bear with me.

Firstly, I’m trying to integrate the Blogprint plugin and I am not having any luck. I uploaded what I think are all the relevant files which seem to mostly be working in the Kirby panel, but I can’t get my test posts to show up. If I merge the config.php file with the one I started my entire website gets messed up.

Secondly, I’m trying to figure out how to replace the site name on the sidebar with an image, my previous attempts weren’t placing the image in the correct spot and the image simply won’t show up on mobile.

While I don’t know these themes (other that they exist), when mixing different themes you can run into problems quite easily, because these themes might use the same template/blueprint files for different stuff. So without knowing what you have put where, it is difficult to help.

Check if the the blueprints and the text filenames still match. Also, are the posts that do not show up on the frontend visible, i.e. do they have a prepended number. Most themes filter output by visible pages.

As regards the image, are you saying you can see the image on desktop but not on mobile? What sort of file type are you using? What type of mobile?