Changing home page in Kirby demo template


I downloaded the demo from and it works fine. I am still acustomed to Wordpress so Kirby is… new for me :slight_smile:

I was playing around with the demo and wanted to change the home page. (users who open should see a different page and not the default one)

I found the snipped c::set('home','docs'); but it seems that’s not how to set the /docs page as front page?
(Background info: I only want to create an FAQ pages and the /docs + sub folders template would fit perfectly, unfortunately it’s only available in a full package together with many many other things ^^)

Any idea how to do that?

Thanks a lot!

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Well, in general you can use that setting to change the home page. The problem with the page is that it will throw an error, because the header snippet contains code for the homepage that does not work if you suddenly change the homepage. So you would have to remove that code as well.

Since the getkirby website contains a lot of stuff that is a bit complicated if you are just starting out with Kirby, I’d recommend to start with the starterkit and only use those bits and pieces from the getkirby website that are relevant, i.e. create the page folders you need in a new installation and then use those parts of the template code that are relevant.

Don’t hesitate to ask if you get stuck.

I built a free barebones FAQ template that’s available on the themes website:

Feel free to use it!

In general, there are two ways to implement such a faq section:

  • using a structure field like done in @thiousi’s template
  • using subpages like done in the FAQ section of the website

The best way of handling such a FAQ section IMO depends on the number of questions and the amount of content in each question.

I think the structure field is great if the number of questions and the amount of text in each answer is rather limited. For more extensive text and a big number of questions I’d prefer subpages because a long list of structure field entries can soon became a bit difficult to deal with.

There’s actually both subpages and structure fields in the template I linked too. Each section is a subpage, and each question inside the section is an entry in the structure field.

I agree with @texnixe though that depending on what you need, you may be better off sticking to one subpage per question.

@markus Anyway, if you let us know what exactly you need and what is best for your use case, we can help you get started.