Membership Payments Using Square

I am working on a project for free helping out a community HackSpace and I have built the site in Kirby. They have now requested that the membership subscriptions are to go through the Square payment system.

Could anyone point me in the best direction to accomplish this as I am completely stumped and Square seems to be more plugin or real life using their terminal focused.

Thank you

Of course we can google Square payments and their API docs but wouldn’t it make it a lot easier for people to help you if you include links in your posts?

The site isn’t live just yet, it’s just at I can’t go live until this problem is fixed :frowning: Typing and it deletes in seconds

I was talking about Square payments…:wink:

I’m so sorry @texnixe I feel exhausted trying to get this done and to top it off we are in a crazy heatwave (moan moan moan lol)

Here is the Square docs -


Sweating like hell myself, therefore I’m not as forgiving as I could be when I have to google stuff all the time.

Unfortunately, there is no Square payments plugin integration ready to use yet. Does it have to be Square? The Merx plugin has Stripe integration, maybe you can use that as a starting point.

Fair enough. Where are you based? I’m in the UK and we hit double what we are used to yesterday :sweat: :sweat: :sweat:

Mainz, Germany, we had 40° yesterday. As much as I love my roof-top apartment, when it is this hot, it’s not really fun.

Oh dear. we hit 37° and my MacBook went on strike lol

Last year, I put mine on a icepack to cool it down.

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@Suleiman_Leadbitter Im in the UK too (South Coast), and yesterday really wasn’t fun.

To answer your question, I would do this via Snipcart. Its a drop in shopping cart that supports Square out of the box. It dead simple to wire up to a kirby site, and you can skin the cart as you see fit (they supply scss for it).


Hi @jimbobrjames,

Is SnipCart already available for Kirby 3? Can’t find an answer.


What do mean? It’s javascript based. You just set fields up for things like price etc and echo them out onto data attributes that the javascript picks up. It does not need a plugin.

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Ah okay! I didn’t get that.
So I can follow this tutorial:

Thank you @jimbobrjames!

Yep that will work. SnipCart is probably the fastest way I know of to add a e-commerce to a site.

Yes! Will give it a try. Looks promising. Did you make use of it in a live website?

I’ve used for a couple of clients, but sadly the sites are no longer online. Unfourtinaly i can only build the website… i cant make people spend money there… :slight_smile:


Allright will give it a try!