Many pages on the same level

In an interview with Sebastian on a podcast, he mentioned the limitations of kirby when having a large amount of pages on the same level. What is the roundabout max number of pages? What can I do to circumvent the limitation? Pagination comes to mind. But I also experienced noticable slowdowns on the ‘please select position’ field on the page status modal, event with just about 25 sibling pages.


I understand that the slowdowns happen, when sibling pages are actually loaded, so the loading of the pages should be limited (pagination and such). Is there some kind of checklist I can tick of, if I use many pages?

One popular use case would be blog posts with many articles.


25 siblings shouldn’t have any impact on performance at all. Rather, we are talking about several hundred direct subpages, depending on the content of these pages. With subpages exceeding 1000, it is recommended to create a tree structure, so create folders per year or even month for blog posts.

What is your development environment? Or does this happen on a production server?

An SSD should be standard for your production hosting for performance reasons.

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