Manually created pages not editable in Panel - Save button refreshes and edits undone while typing

Hi there! I am creating pages manually outside of the panel and when I then open those pages in panel to edit them I’m getting an infinite refresh on the save button. It just keeps undoing my changes as I type them and the save button refreshes constantly - without me clicking it. I’m wondering what is going on here?

Here’s an example content page I have created that has this issue:

Title: Evaluation of Issues


Text: Result of Service




Date: 2021-12-04


Author: leo




Location: NEW YORK


Organisation: Kirby



When I create this page in panel, the content file looks exactly the same except for Text turning into

[{"content":{"text":"<p>Result of Service<\/p>"},"id":"7bb27e43-16d3-4f54-acae-8a8eec24d258","isHidden":false,"type":"text"}]

I am not sure this matters and where the id comes from… Any ideas what might be going on here?

Could you post the blueprint for this page that is used by the Panel?

The text field seems to either a writer field or a blocks field and these fields store their content as JSON, which would also mean that the Panel expects JSON content. Those fields are then not really easily editable manually.

However, you might also have an issue with the manually created page file/folder not being writable by the Panel because of wrong file/folder permissions.

Thanks so much - it was indeed just a permission issue since I was creating these pages passing information to the server - I completely missed it! In addition the field was blocks indeed, though it seems Kirby can read my plain text entry even with the blocks blueprint. When edit my plain text generated content in the panel and then save it converts it to JSON/blocks - pretty great!

How do the JSON IDs get created?

Kirby assigns those IDs to each block automatically.

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