Make plainkit plain

When I try out my plugins etc, I often use plainkit to be sure there are nothing that could collide with my things.

Even if it’s called plainkit, there is still things in there:

  • Blueprint (default.xml)
  • Snippets (footer.php and header.php)
  • Template (default.php)

I want it to be plain, clean.

Take header.php for example. Maybe some people want it but then they might want to install starterkit instead?

Instead of using the built in header.php I might instead want to:

  • Register the header.php with registry extension set through a plugin. If the header.php is still present in the snippets folder it will use the built in snippet instead of the one registered with the plugin.
  • Use a pattern for it with the Patterns plugin
  • Use Snippy for a more modular approach.

I don’t think it needs to contain these files and maybe not even the folders.

An alternative could be to have a new repo called “Cleankit” with just Kirby, Toolkit and the Panel.

Why don’t you just use the CLI to install Kirby, the panel and the other necessary files if you really need something that basic? The reason why the plainkit has these files, is that it gives you a fully functional installation with a page you can load in a browser.


I did not get that to work. I installed kirby:core, kirby:panel, kirby:index.php, kirby:htaccess. To make sure I copied content, assets and site from a plainkit installation.

Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘Exception’ with message ‘The template could not be found’ in C:\wamp\www\kirbycore\kirby\kirby\component\template.php on line 78
( ! ) Exception: The template could not be found in C:\wamp\www\kirbycore\kirby\kirby\component\template.php on line 78