"make language publicly visible" switch

Got a website with two languages where I face the challenge to differentiate between already translated pages and those still in translation progress (came up after the site was programmed).
Language no 1 version is the the first to go live, usually followed by its counterpart a few days later. Is there a manageable way to extend the panel in such a way to have a visibility switch for each language as we now have for the entire article?
Right now I only see some sort of a switch on the right side - which would show in both languages. UX wise though I’d rather have it in the same corner as the “visible” toggle than putting switches all over the site.
I’d be happy for any idea.


I would introduce a new field, i.e. a checkbox where the user can select a published/unpublished state. You can then filter by that parameter in your templates.

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that’s exactly that came into my mind as well. I just hoped for a solution which would help to collect all elements concerning the page’s visibility in one spot.

You mean a simple way to check for multiple fields at the same time? You could use a custom Page model for that and create a custom method that checks the validity of the fields. Unfortunately, there is currently no built-in way to create default models that apply to all templates.

One way to have only one place to check for publishing, would be to ignore the visibility switch in the panel (even hiding it), and just use a field in the page blueprints to control if a page/translated page should be published or not.

BTW: A page - even if not visible - is still reachable via its URL. To completely hide such a page from the public, you would need to redirect to an error page based on its visibility status.

Thx, that was the missing link. I was too focussed on keeping everything “in place”. Think, I’ll do just that, put everything on the right side and blend out the left visibility-toggle in combination with what lukas suggested.