Made with Kirby and <3

Love it. Looks really great. I love how versatile it is. One thing, though. I would, before buying, love to be able to evaluate SEO and stuff. Maybe Screenshots of the respective parts of the panel might help.


Hi everyone!

With @pikselkraft, we redesigned and build the new website of Gauthier Roussilhe, a french researcher specialised in the environmental footprint of digitalisation. It is a space to share his articles and resources, mostly in French but also in English.

As always, we have paid particular attention to accessibility, performances, SEO and typography.
We used Kirby and the Kirby Staticache plugin — which works like a charm :ok_hand: — to craft a very lightweight and tracker-free website. The only javascript code we wrote is for desktop dynamic aside positioning of markdown generated footnotes on articles and resources pages.

If you are not familiar with Gauthier’s work, here is some good starting points in english:

Enjoy :slight_smile:


Zero One theme has been updated with the largest update so far :rocket:

Bundle of improvements, but the most prominent ones are:

New Layout builder :partying_face:
The biggest thanks go to the Kirby team for creating such a great product, which gives us so many possibilities :pray: New Zero One Layout Builder have a plethora of options along with our Column block which gives the additional power of a fine-grain layout design :rocket:

And new demo
To showcase some of the new possibilities

The full list of changes is in the changelog.

Thank you for your attention!


Whaou, what an amazing job ! Congrat Branko

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Thank you, Gilles! :pray: I’m glad you like it :blush:

After a long hiatus, my personal website design — — is (nearly) complete!

It’s a minimalist blog, featuring:

Content includes:

… But only if I promote my blog to a few more geeks (like me), and re-motivate myself to start writing again!

Thanks to Bastian and the Kirby Team — for a fantastic CMS, support, and inspiration.


And another new project in cooperation with Wacku:

Meet the Heinze Akademie website. A platform targeting the ever growing market of industrial work environment offering various courses.
Interested users

  • can browse through each course and its parameters and get in contact with the tutors
  • find per course a searchable faq, which in the backend is served by either global or local entries
  • have a course finder showing all courses and their individual settings (each course though following the same pattern can have individual specifications, titles & tags)
  • a very easy-to-use captcha

In addition it’s connected to the companies CRM so any approach made by a possible customer will not be lost.

Thanks to Kirby and a few tweaks we got it blazingly fast, which ultimately shows both in high interactions and good conversions.


My first Kirby website, for my design consultancy:


as @sdoering , I would also like to see a demo of the panel, or at least screenshots, including the available blocks, etc.

I am looking for themes that can be used as a base from where to build relatively simple standard websites, unlike other more specific sites that we start from scratch.


My first Kirby website is my first portfolio that I’ve coded all by myself. <3

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Nice. You have fake latin here Vivek - Selected Works

Images need optimising. Page loads are pretty slow.

Thank you, James :smiley:

The latin right now is placeholder text, hoping to have the better writeups by tomorrow.
Any advice on how I could optimize the images? They’re set to resize to 1400px wide, and also have lazy-load attributes on them, using the lozad.js plugin.

You are using PNG’s. They are not apropriate for the kind of images you have on the site. Switch to JPEG and export from your graphics program at 80%.

Your project page weighs 37,805 KiB … thats crazy!

im on a 500mb cable connection and that page took an aeon to load.

You can run the animated gifs through to make those smaller


You also have a bunch of commented out code on that page, with alot of images in. As far as i know browsers still parse that, even though its not displayed. If its old, delete it.


In addition to exporting those JEPGs at 80%, (if you’re on a mac) try an app like or - if you’re not on a mac - one of these alternatives: ImageOptim alternatives for Windows and Linux. I took your ‘01-cover-1440x.png’ with 1.2mb and was able to downsize it to 53kb at a very respectable outcome.

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I like the simple design and your works are also superb :slight_smile: But you really need to fix your image size problem - the website is unusable in this state. Good suggestions from @jimbobrjames or @tojai about the tools mentioned. Me personally like the imageoptim app on mac - its a true lifesaver. For Web Images most times i use jpg exported from Photoshop at 60-70% quality.

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Thank you for all the advice everyone! I’m going to use ImageOptimum to downsize everything so hopefully the site can be a little faster now.

I like the simple design and your works are also superb :slight_smile:

Thank you @slgdev :smiley:

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Hi! We’ve just launched our website proudly supported by Kirby:
It’s an academic student-run project of a temporary pavilion in the city center of Jerusalem, sponsored by the Bezalel academy.
The website is in three languages – English, Hebrew and Arabic – and Kirby helped us achieve that and manage it seamlessly. Absolute pleasure. Thanks!


Hi team,

I’ve build my first sites with Kirby. Great CMS.



Here’s a couple of Kirby sites we launched this year: (this one uses, oddly enough, the mamalika theme)