Looking for classic blog theme


I’m interested in starting a blog using Kirby, because I’ve read many positive comments about this flat-file cms, but I have been seeing getkirby-theme site and I don’t found any classic blog theme, so… is there other site to looking themes?

anyway, what theme do you recommend me? I’m looking for a standard theme with two columns, one for posts and other for navegation with classical things like cloud tags and last posts.

p.s. sorry for my english : )


This is probably what comes closest with two columns, you could add a recent posts list to the sidebar yourself.

There’s another list of themes here.


thanks for answer, I saw “simplicity” theme but It doesn’t convince me, and it doesn’t have sidebar in individual post pages (like official blog )


I’m currently working on a couple of themes, and one is for long-form bloggers. Stay tuned, it might just be what your looking for :slight_smile:


Im currently working on my “simplicity” theme to add more features like a modular sidebar with many options :slight_smile: but it will take a few days until I’m finished cause I’m currently travelling :wink:


Nice, I will be waiting for that update :slight_smile:


You could also look at one of the oldest Kirby themes out there: Baseblog. You might have to work on it a bit to get it 2.4+ ready but it’s really clean!


it looks nice and apparently is updated, where can I find more old themes? I will look for more themes in github, maybe there are others updated :thinking:


getirby-themes.com and the one on GitHub I mentioned above are the only known resources I know about. You may find other themes on theme sales platforms like creativemarket.com.

Baseblog does not really meet the requirements you outlined in your first post, though. Of course, you can expand any theme you like yourself.