Lock the new 'Status: visible' button since version 2.1.0

With Kirby 2.1 we have a new ‘Status: visible’ button in the panel sidebar which toggle the visibility of a page. Are there any ways to lock this button from the panel users (in certain templates)?

I need to lock this button to prevent user (accidentally) changing the site’s structure.
Before 2.1, I can lock the root level structure by setting:

page: false in site/blueprints/site.php, and
deletable: false in all root level blueprint PHP files.

Now with the new ‘status’ button, user can not only hide or show a page, but as a side-effect change the sequences of the pages.

Looking at the sidebar template files, it seems that there’s no options similar to deletable. Are there any workarounds to hide this new button without changing core files? Thanks.

As far as I know, this is currently not possible but there are plans to make this feature optional, see this issue on Github https://github.com/getkirby/panel/issues/420

As a workaround, you could possible just hide the option in a custom panel stylesheet without an option to do that on a per page basis though.


Using CSS is a possible way, but far from ideal.
The main problem being the lack of CSS classes / id to identify the button…While I can target the button with a few :nth-child selector, it’s quite possible that the user still sees the button if they’re using older browsers.

So far the only guaranteed way would be removing line 23 - 35 in panel/app/snippets/pages/sidebar.php. Which however should be the last resort as it involves changing the core files.

I know, in fact, I’d love to prevent URL changes as well, but I guess we have to wait a little bit longer for that to be implemented … Maybe @distantnative or @bastianallgeier can provide an ETA by now?

Some have already spotted the pull requests for a first draft of this (so this will be possible through the user permissions system coming soon), but no ETA.

Thanks. Hope it would be implemented soon!
Btw should I change the status to ‘Solved’ or ‘Suggestion’ or just leave it open?