Lock page in the panel

I miss a lock feature in the panel. Lock a page from editing and only be able to view it.

Maybe something like this:

lock: true

And in the blueprint it would look like this:

title: Page
lock: true

All fields locked and no save button.

That could be a nice feature!

Meanwhile, you can always set deletable: false and all fields as readonly but that’s only a workaround and not a nice solution. I think your suggestion is great. To keep it aligned with other options, I would opt for the name “readonly”

PS: readonly doesn’t seem to be documented in the docs?

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That’s true, the readonly option is missing from the docs, we’ll add that asap.

As regards the lock feature, I’d suggest editable: false.

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Just for completeness, these kind of pages also need to have the save shortcut (CTRL+S on Window) disabled.

So far we don’t agree on the option name:

lock: true
readonly: true
editable: false

I would like even more people with name suggestions. It’s interesting to hear it. :slight_smile:

Great idea. I would prefer one of those names:

editable: false
readonly: true

It’s nothing personal, right. :wink:

But yes I think readonly could be better than lock. It’s used in form input so I think it would be nice:


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Is there any benefit to disabling save when nothing can be edited? Or do you have dynamic data in mind that could be overridden by a panel save ?

Late reply. If it’s set to readonly: true I think it should be readonly, for real. If there is a save button or if it’s possible to save in anyway like the shortcut I think that it’s no “real” readonly. I mean, what should it save in a readonly mode? Nothing. :slight_smile:

Kirby 2.4.0 has a new page option called update:

  status: true
  update: false
  template: false

And no, it hasn’t made it into the docs yet.

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