Green status button doesn't change when changing the status of a page via button in panel

I need to change the status of een page by clicking a ‘deny’-toggle button in the panel on that specific page. I tried to do this with a page.update:after hook en then changing the status of the page to unlisted.

I see in the content folder that the foldername is changed (‘1_foldername’ is now ‘foldername’). But there is still a green ‘public’ dot on the left-top on the page which confuses. Can i fix this somehow whithout setting this invisible or is this maybe a bug?

If I understand you correctly, the issue here is that the Panel updates it’s state before the after hook. So whatever you do in there, indeed happens to the content in the file system, the Panel isn’t aware however that there have been any changes.

Everythings seems to work correctly, except that the public green dot still appears on top of the page instead of the blue unlisted. When you hit the public green dot, the dialog shows the correct type (unlisted) of the page.

I believe, opening the dialog calls the API again, so that then you get the correct status. But maybe open an issue on Github so that we can look into it a bit closer.

ok, done, thanks!

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