Local Kirby Development with Vagrant/Chef

As easy as getting a VPS with PHP + Apache/Nginx preinstalled is, I find it more convenient to do things on a local VM, so I can quickly destroy things and start from scratch again. I did a quick search, but couldn’t find many resources for quickly spinning up a local environment for testing Kirby, so I made this (https://github.com/followfung/kirby_vagrant) using Vagrant and Chef.

It creates a local VM using VirtualBox with Ubuntu 14.04, then automatically installs and configures the requirements for Kirby. Finally, it pulls down the Kirby Starterkit from GitHub.

Right now the cookbook bundled with the repo is meant for development only, but I want to bake in some security in the future.

Hopefully this helps out anyone who is having trouble getting a testing environment set up!

Thanks for sharing!

I changed the category because I think “Solutions” fits much better. I hope that’s ok for you, @followfung

Great stuff :+1:

I’ve never used Chef (just settled with https://github.com/fideloper/Vaprobash) i might give it a go - also nice to see you’ve included my suggested non-hinting last rewrites for nginx :blush:

Yeah, I did! I haven’t gotten around to accreditating you in the nginx config (was making sure that this cookbook actually works). I’ll make sure to get on that.