Links in structure field causing logouts?


We’ve got a strange bug report from a client regarding structure fields: adding links to a textarea inside the field caused logouts from the panel.

[We have] been changing the names in the sponsor list to links, and as [we have] been doing so, it has been auto logging [us] out of Kirby - if [we] only did 1 or 2 and then saved it was ok, but if [we] did much more it logged her out and did not save.

We are still waiting for more detailed feedback but this might take a while due to timezones. We cannot reproduce this issue ourselves though.

Has anyone encountered something similar in Kirby 3?

This is what our field definitions look like:

  label: Credits
  type: structure
      label: Title
      type: text
      width: 1/3
      label: Names
      type: textarea
      width: 2/3


Interesting for us, maybe @bastianallgeier or @lukasbestle can answer this:
Are there any events (exceptions when fetching data from the API or such) where the user is supposed to be logged out programmatically?



Are you adding the links as Markdown links or as HTML links? When you tried to replicate it yourself, did you use the same site & browser that your client is editing on, or locally? Sometimes issues cant be replicated because it’s the same site running on another platform. If the problem is environmental (PHP version, .htaccess setup etc), you wont necessarily trigger it.



We are using Markdown. The links were already in the textarea, so we a dealing with an editing action (changing name (job), <link> to [name](link) (job)). I’ve tried it using the formatting buttons as well as manual editing.

I’m currently testing with a local copy but I’ll check the production server as well.
The issue itself doesn’t make a lot of sense to me so far: what should trigger a logout?



I don’t know what should trigger a logout on purpose, but I have had it log me out if i mess up a blueprint while developing the site. The panel displays the error caused by the blueprint mistake and I get logged out on the next reload.

Maybe @texnixe can shed some light on what would cause a log out on purpose, but if there are any, it sounds like your issue wouldnlt be one of them.



I sometimes get logged out when changing stuff in blueprints (but that is development stuff), but when editing stuff, you shouldn’t get logged out.

@nilshoerrmann Would be interesting to know if they get any errors in the console?



It’s a pure editing issue – we haven’t changed the blueprints.
I’ll see if I can get console logs.