Automatically logged out after a min or two

I keep getting logged out automatically after just a min or two. Usually switch back to the tab after testing and it’s back to the login screen. This time, I saw this:

Session “1651762994.53858198f327c6c28599” is currently read-only because it was accessed via an old session token

I’m in Firefox 99.0.1 on MacOS Monterey (12.1). Also should note I’m Kirby 3.6.5.

Anyone else have this issue and solve it?

Could you describe the exact steps when this happens? Do you think it is related to 3.6.5 in particular (as far as I can see there haven’t been any changes to the session class in quite some time).

Frankly, it seems random. I don’t think it’s related to this version of Kirby I’ve had this issue off and on for a while but can’t figure out why it happens.

A: Sometimes I simply log in to the panel, edit a page, check the results. Go back to the page panel and I’m logged out.

B: Other times it happens while I’m editing blocks on a page, hit save and it says that I’m “unauthenticated” and takes me to the login screen.

C: And other times it works as expected but I have no idea why the randomness.

I haven’t experienced this myself, unless I was logged out because I made changes on the backend (blueprint changes etc).

Are we talking about a production site or locally? Do you have any caching enabled?

As far as I recall, it also happens if you have the Panel open in multiple browser tabs (not 100% sure, have to try and find the issue).

I’ve had it happen on both production and local. Caching is disabled locally. Oh, I do have way too many browser tabs open at once so I’ll see if I keep that cleaned up if that’ll improve. Just has been driving me crazy. :smile: