License(s) for a multi TLD site with same second level domain

Good afternoon

I’ve discovered with pleasure that there is a lightweight CMS as I already feared I had to go down the WP way *shudder

I’ve registered two domain names with just being the TLD different. So like and


  • How many licenses would I need if the doc root is the same in Apache?
  • How many licenses would I need if just certain pages or information in the project corresponds to the TLD for displaying local information?

thanks in advance

The doc root is irrelevant, you need a license per site, which is usually a site per domain, no matter if the domain is a subdomain or not. So would usually be a separate site from, with the only exception to that being multi-language sites, where for example is the translation of

There may sometimes be edge cases, in which case you might want to contact our support per email.

So one license in my case then as indeed it is the same project but some minor translation based on TLD being used…


Excellent, thanks :slight_smile: