League management for nfl-fansite

is there any kind of team-, game- leaguemanagement out in the kirby kosmos? i’m doin a free site for a nfl-fanclub and need some ideas to do it right :wink:

how should i store teamdatas to combine them into game data or split them to use only the logo of a specific team? sites? structures?

heres what i did till now:

1 structure field “teams”

  • Teamname
  • Shortname
  • TV-Name
  • Logo
  • Stadium
  • Location

2 structure field “games”

  • Date
  • Gameweek
  • Guestteam (teamname from structure 1)
  • Hometeam (teamname from structure 1)

3 blog system with several templates

Now i’m trying to create an article (article.review) with Add Fields Plugin. Using the “Games” field for the Title (text: “{{ structureItem.guestteam }} at {{ structureItem.hometeam }}”) and want to bring all the other teamdata from both teams into seperate fields in the article.

in generell: i’m trying to reuse the data structure “teams” in several situations like - game reviews, previews, team presentations, leaguetable etc.

is there an option? a way? trying for hours and running in circles… thanks!