Large plugins files scattered through Kirby?

There are these things you can do (probably more) that have their own folders:

  • Plugins
  • Fields
  • CSS
  • JS
  • Config (including routes)

When making or adding a large plugin that has all these things, is it thought that we should copy the files to all these different locations?

What I like

I really like to add the CSS and JS myself because I use SASS and other clever stuff to speed things up. I don’t want to be forced to have unwanted CSS files in my theme.

What I don’t

Think of a plugin that add routes and some fields. Then I need to put some files in the plugin folder, some files in the config.php and some files in the fields folder.

In this case I just want to trust the plugin. It’s just too many steps for me to like it. Especially because Kirby grows and more stuff will probably be added which makes it even more complex with more files and folders.


I know routes can be added with workarounds by a plugin.

However, is it possible now or in the future to make large plugins as easy to install as small ones, not having to scatter files around the folders? Just use the plugin folder?

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