Plugin path - As config or custom folder setup?

Sometimes a plugin need a configurable path like \site\greatness\.

There are at least two different ways to add a plugin path to a plugin.

  1. As site.php custom folder setup:
  2. As config.php config:

Which do you prefer?

  • Config in config.php
  • Custom folder setup in site.php
  • Not sure

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If you want you can also add a comment on your thoughts.

I’m not sure if I understand your question ?
Is this about adding any kind of config variables to a plugin? Or only about a custom-path-variable-for-a-plugin?

Only paths. I looked at and there directory is added as a config value.

I think I already have made up my mind and will keep everything in the config.php. It’s not that the votes flooded in this time. :wink:

Best practise maybe is to only use site.php for Kirby core folders, not for plugins.


As I see it, c (as in c::set()) is a DI container which collects all Kirby settings. (As is l for localized strings).

For smaller plugins, you could use a convention that prefixes the setting with the plugin name so they are “namespaced” (as in your patterns plugin example above).

If you should have a really big plugin with loads of config options, you could roll your own DI container and bundle it with your plugin?

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