Komments plugin

I have installed (and re-installed) the Komments plugin, but when I go to the website page and add a comment I get a message Undefined array key “id”
Despite this the comment goes into the control panel as pending to await authorisation which is fine.

Can anyone advise what I may have done wrong here?

Ping @mauricehh!

@Loudon When exactly do you get this error message? In the frontend after sending the comment? In the Panel? Is there a stack trace for this error message? Please provide as many details as possible.

On a side note: Always post a link to the plugin in question, so we don’t have to go searching. Thanks.

Sorry, yes I’ll make sure I add a link to the plugin in future.

I can add a comment from the panel without any problems.

When I view the website page from the front end and view the blog post, then try and add a comment, I get the error…
Undefined array key “id”
…which appears below the Send button on the komment form.