Komments plugin marks all comments as spam

Hello, I am in need of some help regarding the Komments plugin by mauricerenck.

The problem I’m having is that every comment gets marked as spam. I tried using different mails, names, messages and browsers but the plugin thinks everything is spam. Pretty frustrating.

In my options.php, I have set auto-delete-spam to false. When sending a message, the popup “Your comment is in moderation” pops up. Seems fine. But if I go to http://localhost/panel/plugins/queuedKommments my comment is marked as spam. (Comment type is still “Komment” and not “Spam”)

If I change auto-delete-spam to true and try to submit a comment it gets rejected instantly by the plugin, thinking it was spam, and shows me the corresponding error message in the frontend.

Is there some way to fix this or have I maybe misconfigured the plugin (don’t think I have)?

The plugin check two fields cts and url to determine if something is spam. So when these fields are not empty, the comment is regarded as spam.

I knew that the field url was probably a honeypot, but both fields were empty when submitting a comment and there’s no way to fill them out, since they’re either hidden inputs or positioned out of sight using CSS. So I’m not really sure what is wrong here.

Tried replacing my edited form snippet with the original but that didn’t change anything.

Okay, so I re-downloaded and installed the plugin and now everything works.
My issue could probably have had to do with the fact that I tried changing the behavior of the form (name and email input show only on click on the textarea).
I’ll investigate and see, what I messed up there.