Kirby3 Doctor - check health of kirby installation

I am creating posts for my plugins to make it easier to find them using the forum search and not just the docs search.

thanks to @daan the doctor plugin now has a panel area ready for k3.6 and some smaller improvements as well.

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Why is it displaying

Kirby CMS version is not most current available.

while I have the latest (at the moment) version of Kirby installed (3.6.0-RC.4)?

One feature request:

Could you display the current size of the cache and media folder while showing

Cache (Files) is not exceeding set limit of 0,5x size of content.

Media-Folder is not exceeding set limit of 2x size of content.

thanks @Peleke . lets take these ideas to github.

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v2 has php8 support, updated check lib and some minor improvements.