Kirby writer Field not showing nodes

Hi there!
I have some issues related to Kirby writer nodes.

Once uploaded live the field does not display the node anymore, I currently using a 7.4php version.
Could be that the problem?

        type: writer
        inline: false
        label: About text
          - heading
          - bulletList
          - orderedList

Schermata 2022-03-21 alle 21.49.42

Sounds more like a caching issue or the modified file wasn’t uploaded

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I delete the cache and used a different browser but still, the markdown doesn’t appear.
What I cannot explain is that a paragraph - just above the previous one - is working.

Hi @texnixe, I have the same issue throughout the site.
Could be something related to some PHP module or older version?

Which Kirby version are you using? Please update to the latest version so that we are not trying to hunt down an issue that has been fixed in the meantime. I can’t reproduce the issue.