Beginner absolutely lost regarding Paragraphs and linebreaks in Markdown

I have set Xampp and Kirby up on my machine, installed the starter kit, and managing to create some templates and css. But I have no idea what is happening with paragraphs and line breaks. They show up in the text files and in the panel interface, but are not rendered in the browser. I have used three spaces at the end of lines, used shift-enter. But no joy. What obvious thing am I missing please?

Do you use the kirbytext method to render the field, e.g.

<?= $page->text()->kirbytext(); ?>

And have you checked the result in dev tools?

And welcome to Kirby and the forum :wave:

Thank you!
I figured it had something to do with Kirbytext, but couldn’t work out how.
I’ve spent a long time in CMSMadeSimple, and Kirby is rather a different universe! Your suggestion was an instant fix.