Kirby Workshop in Berlin (November 6th, 2017)

It took us 5 years, but there will finally be a full-day Kirby workshop in Berlin this year on November 6th:

It’s going to be a full-day workshop run by me and we will have plenty of time to explore all sorts of possibilities of Kirby together and I will definitely bring some secret tips and tricks :slight_smile: You can find more details about it on the workshop page.

The workshop is part of the fantastic beyond tellerrand conference, but you can register for it independently without attending the conference (though highly recommended)

It would be great to meet you there!



I can’t be there. :disappointed: Can you record it and put it on youtube? I don’t want to miss out on anything.

Hi Bastian,

The workshop will be in English or German?

Thanks for this precision.

I’m afraid that’s not possible!

It will be in English unless there are only German attendees :slight_smile:

I just booked my ticket. Are there other people from the forum attending the workshop?

And I really hope it will be in English :see_no_evil:

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Yes, it definitely will be in English. The logic for this looks like this:

if ($attendees->filterBy('language', 'de')->count() !== $attendees->count()) {
  $workshop->language = 'en'



Is there any chance there are going to be more tickets available than those that were sold (out)?

I guess that’s a no :frowning:

@kamasheto Have you jumped on the waiting list?

When I first posted (8 days ago) there was no link to the waiting list form. When I checked again a while ago after my post I found one so I added myself to it.