Are there more kirby 3 workshops?

I’ve read in the latest Kirby kosmos, that there will be workshops in Berlin and Nottingham later this year/early next year.

Are there any more workshops planned? Does anyone know of any regular workshops/trainings for Kirby one could attend? Preferably in the south of Germany.

I hope this is the right board for this.

Thank you,

As far as I know, there are currently no plans that go beyond what we published in Kosmos. But most probably there will be other workshops. Last year, for example, we had one in Munich. It is also possible to book Bastian for workshops, for example for your company.

Hi texnixe,

thank you for your reply.

How would somebody go about booking Bastian for a workshop? Are there any official information? Like, only for a larger group?


Hey Daniel,

we don’t have any official information about the group sizes or requirements online. I’d say it depends on the type of group and location. I’m happy to discuss this with you via email: