Kirby Workshop in Berlin (November 13th, 2019 - €199)

I’m very excited to return to Berlin with a full-day workshop as part of the side events for the beyond tellerrand conference:

The workshop is available for everyone. You don’t have to attend the conference. But I highly recommend it :slight_smile:


We have a big update for this workshop. The nice folks from Bitgrip invited us to host the workshop at their office. With this change we are now able to offer the full-day workshop including lunch and a Kirby v3 license for just €199

I think this is a fantastic deal and I’d love to meet you in Berlin in November.



I’ll be there. Who’ll join me?

I’d love to.

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Count me in! :smiley:

Unfortunately, my actual schedule is mixed up. Actually, I should learn first principles of programming, then HTML and CSS and finally PHP. I have booked courses for it.

But that does not matter. I will try to take as much of the workshop as possible.


@Denis @bvdputte looking forward to meet you there!

@texnixe let me know if you find the time and we definitely find a way.

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Would love to participate and meet, but with all travel and hotel expenses it’s getting quite a lot, also would need 3 days vacation in the middle of the week. I thought maybe you can do live broadcast?

Hey Roman,

I don’t really know how the pricing for such a live broadcast should be like, which platform to use and I also don’t have a lot of experience with setting up the stream properly so that it doesn’t break up during the day. It would add quite some extra effort on top of the organisation of such a workshop to be honest.

I see, If live streaming seems hard, another simple option can be just to record event with phone. And it would not require additional microphone or anything else, only to make sure phone is in plane mode and plugged, I did same thing, we only had standard microphone (in hand, not connected to phone), and sound in video was ok. Also no pressure for you, you can decide later if to sell it and for how much :slight_smile:

About pricing: if this recorded workshop would also include licence, I would be happy to pay 150 € for it.

I’ll be in Berlin :tada:.


Is there any interest to meet before the workshop starts? Meeting forum-members would be great. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ll be there too … my first event of this kind :slight_smile:


@tkeil69575 @Denis fantastic! We are all going to meet for dinner on Tuesday (probably around 8pm) before the workshop and it would be awesome if you could join us. We are still figuring out where and when exactly and let all workshop attendees know as soon as possible.


Hi, I would be interested but was wondering, who this workshop is best suited for? Beginners who just heard of Kirby? Intermediates who have already worked with Kirby in a simple way? Or more experienced/pro programmers? Thanks!

I‘m a beginner, learning HTML & CSS at Udemy since a few days…:nerd_face::innocent:

Hey Moritz,

the workshop was originally aimed at Kirby experts, but it seems like not too many felt like an expert to join the workshop :slight_smile: It now starts at the beginner level, but will advance quickly during the day. We have a very mixed group again as it seems. This has been the case in all workshops so far and always worked out quite well in the end. I normally spend the first 1-2 hours on basics and move on from there. This workshop will spend a lot of time on Kirby 3 features and the panel. I normally also use the second half of the day to adjust to what the attendees are most interested in. With around 12-15 people the group is not too big and we can talk about your personal questions, problems and solutions. It would be great to meet you there!


That’s cool! :+1:

And I’ll be around to do my share as well…


Nice, I’m in. Not quite an expert yet, but love to learn how experts work. Excited to connect to other Kirby people :slight_smile: